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The Adventure against Time - Festibal con B de Bici 2017

An immersive adventure that will take kids on a race against time… to uncover the truth about an urgent mission and a mysterious portal. Dodo Laboratory was in Madrid again! Inspiring kids to take action against climate change with an immersive game, which will help them understand what is at stake.

Kids are taught about climate change, but do they really understand what it means for them and the cities that they live in? Over two days at the annual bicycle festival (Festibal con B de Bici) sponsored by the city of Madrid, around 100 kids got a glimpse of what our collective future might look like and what impact our actions are already having on our planet’s climate.

A fantastical adventure with beings from a mysterious portal with an urgent mission and cautionary tales from the future. The race against time is a scavenger hunt with interactive performances, games, puzzles, riddles and of course bike rides.

The adventure against time is designed to engage kids in understanding the bigger picture of a pivotal phenomenon affecting our world, and as the real stakeholders of the future to think critically about the choices we make today.


Monster Hunt - Kassel University / Documenta 2017

A pilot project in Kassel (Germany) this year during Documenta 14 in collaboration with the University of Kassel and The Moving School.

We hosted an immersive experience 'Monster Hunt at Periptero'. In response to the year’s festival’s theme ‘What we can learn from Athens’. Inspired by the trial and teachings of Socrates, we created a scavenger hunt x interactive theatre performance, which transposed Socrates' story onto a fantastical narrative that helps kids think critically about the refugee crisis and what it means to be different.


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